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We connect your vision to the Web

Hardware design for IoT

With more than 20.000 Internet of things devices we are in the market

Our Services

We offer serverplattforms and Hardware Design for Cloud solutions

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GSM IoT into the Cloud device

With an IoT GSM Modul you can start integrating your Hardware to a cloud Plattform

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Frontdesk with GSM

Show latest offers or information to Clients in your shop.

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Transportions needs a Cloud

Todays modern smart city projects need platforms to process they data.

IoT GSM Hardware

Around the World for different application

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IoT Board Computer

User know for Public WiFi, Smart City communication

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Stay connected

Stay connected with our solution. We offer Worldwide and EU GSM Service.

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We Monitor

We Monitor the traffic on you Network. Our resources are never get at 60% using on yearly bases.

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We keep the way free.

You take care of your business application we look into the backend system.